Caversham House Wedding Photo PerthI am passionate about creating films my clients love.

As a kid I loved playing with video camera’s. I remember when my parents would hire a camera from the local camera store to make a home movie, and I wouldn’t stop filming all day! When I got a little bit older, I continued to pursue my interest in film, and purchased a small cam corder. I went crazy making every sort of film, movie and video clip. Any excuse to use my camera! Eventually I purchased a professional quality camera and not long after, Orriss Films was born.

I consider it an incredible privilege to be a part of such a special moment in a persons life.  The joy that surrounds each wedding inspires me to create films that can capture that moment, and preserve it. I would love to think that their kids and even grandkids would be able to look back on their parents wedding day and experience the moment just as they did.

I aim to make my films an individual expression of each couple. I want people to watch my films and feel like they are not only a part of the day, but a part of that couples journey.

Duane Orriss

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